So Ed,

I love the idea of making a diorama for your tasting room, here are 4 options that show things that we could do.

 The diorama should be something that people can gather around, talk about, be curious about, and learn from. It will have to have details, details details.   People really enjoy finding details, its like a little discovery. The narrative you proposed was The History of Beer.   That works real well because there is a lot there.  There are all kinds of artworks to reference, and with my connections at the Field Museum I can have conversations with archeologists to learn more about the processes and objects that people have used.

 Within the History of Beer there are some highlights, here are a few:

·      Neolithic people harvesting wheat

. Egyptians had a method

·      Monks from the Middle ages brought it back

.    In Meso America natives like the Incan's built breweries to make chinca, a corn beer like drink

·      A “Beer Belt” grew from Slovakia to England 

·      English (industrial revolution) brought in new technologies that allowed for greater distribution

·      Germans took it up a notch, PURITY LAW

·      Americans of German ancestry made American pilsners extremely popular

·      Micro brewing, craft brewing of recent days- MARZ brewery could be included

To start the conversation I came up with 4 options for style….There are many ways to pull this off.  Depending on your space, or your architecture, lighting concerns, etc, one of these 4 options might be best, or maybe a conflation of them.


=Option I

Classic Diorama

In this choice you get the classic look of a museum diorama with a 2/d oil painted backdrop that seamlessly transitions into a 3/d foreground.  The idea here is of a World’s Fair.  Each time period gets its own section, where they display their techniques and equipment.  Architecture is symbolic of the time & place.  Here you see Belgium monks preparing beer in the Middle Ages to give to peasants. (beer was cleaner than the water).  Egyptians are preparing beer, and Guinness has begun their large distribution.


=Option II

Individual Platforms for Each Era

Every significant culture in beers history gets its own small diorama on an individual platform.  This would be a good choice if, say, you want to put a little diorama on each table, or out them on shelves throughout the space.



=Option III


This would hang on the wall in a frame.  It would be three-dimensional but act like a 2-d wall hanging.  It shows the history of beer in a linear timeline.  Each moment would be singled out.   This would be part diorama, part relief.

Here you see the Stone Age Natufian harvesting wheat, they are the oldest known culture to make beer.  Alexander the Great

********************************************************************************************************************************=Option IV

Tavern in an empty Beer Barrel                                                                        Cut open an empty beer barrel and build a scene of a little Saloon in it.  It will be a jovial scene of people from different eras all hanging out in a saloon, drinking, and showing off their contributions to the History of Beer. Here you see an Englishman introducing thermometers to the proces, the 1516 German Beer Purity Law is tacked to the wall, and a Mayan is getting an enema of Chica