Egypt Court


Egypt is getting its paint job, the flooring is being worked on, the painting backdrop is composed and the pillars are complete.

The LED strip is in the studio, and should be easy to install. The color can be changed to whatever the color of the day is, I am thinking sunset, so a pinkish glow maybe... It plugs into a standard outlet.     

We came up with a design for the floor, the design includes patches of colored ceramic tiles (they will surround the "Throne", and be in another place or two) but the floor will be mostly stone tiles.

 Two doors on either side of the room will give people a good sense that this room is part of a large palace, and will be flanked by a statue of Ramses.    

The throne will be a copy of King Tut's throne, it is 3D printed, I will paint it to look similar but different than Tut's