Below you will find information on some of the many exhibits that Walking Stick Studio and Aaron Delehanty's work can be found.

Bio-Mechanics the Machine Inside

Bio-mechanics is a traveling exhibition. These models were made with the knowledge that they would be seen by millions. The snake and the worm diorama were both made to be touchable so extra care was given to their construction.


For the Mummies exhibit, which traveled, we built a large 10 foot by 10 foot by 4 foot replication of a Peruvian Burial Pit. It was a tomb for Chancay mummy bundles. The thing about this piece is that it was made to break down into 4 parts that can be moved on a pallet jack, and shipped to different museums.

Crown Family Playlab, Chicago

These cornstalks take a lot of abuse from the children who manhandle then all day. The challenge with these was to make them strong enough to last a long time, yet not overly clunky. They still look great today, even after thousands of kids have played with them

Bunky Echo-Hawk: Modern Warrior

These two-tone murals marked the entrance to the intriguing exhibit Bunky Echo-hawk : Modern Warrior. These murals were made in a very graphic way so as not to compete with the more painterly paintings that were throughout this thought provoking temporary exhibition.


Chocolate the Exhibition

Many models where needed to help tell the story of Chocolate, its history, how its made, traded, and prepared. The models that you see here were made for Museums in Japan and Korea.

Cyrus Tang Hall of China

We made four dioramas for the new Cyrus Tang Hall of China at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Through research and input from the museum’s archeologists and exhibition developers, this important piece of neolithic China was brought to life. We did this by crafting one-of-a-kind models that replicate the architecture and made original oil paintings as backdrops which reflect what the neolithic world would have looked.

Hyena Diorama Mural

Extinct Madagascar: Picturing the Island's Past

This touchable elephant bird egg is impressive not as a replication, but because kids can’t pull it off of the base. We cast it will hardware inside that attach soundly to the base- Its on there real good