Walking Stick Studio is a fabrication space that creates a variety of objects for the museum, theater and exhibition industries.  We begin with a client's idea and through consultation, research and creativity- we make it.  Our clientele includes designers, artists, scientists, exhibition developers, commercial advertisers and theater producers.  We create high quality exhibit components that can be included in any themed environment- including replicas of objects, plants and animals, landforms, dioramas, murals and interactive sculpture, to name a few.
The type of client that commissions work is someone who needs special attention given to their projects.  Working with only two to three clients at a time we are able to give extraordinary focus to details and only use high quality materials that have been proven to withstand the test the time and exposure.  We are intent to listen closely to your directions, and are not afraid to offer feedback. Very high standards are set for the work and all the studio assistants are skilled craftsman. We emphasize customer service and give special attention on our client's needs. 

Our Story

The Walking Stick Studio's founder and lead artist is Aaron Delehanty. Aaron cut-his-teeth in Chicago as an employee of the Field Museum of Natural History's Replication Shop.  Aaron has made a wide variety of objects, landforms, dioramas and murals for their many exhibits. 
He recently gave a TEDx Talk on the importance of dioramas and it is worth a watch. 
Delehanty works daily with many types of people; Scientists who need their discoveries to come into light, Exhibition Developers who need him to realize their ideas and Designers to achieve the look that they desire.   Aaron Delehanty is an exhibiting oil painter and educator.  He holds degrees in History from the Ohio State University, a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. You can view his art practice here: www.aarondelehanty.com
He opened Walking Stick Studio because of the growing need for one-of-a-kind objects from the multi-faceted entertainment industry.